Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges Treatment

Crowns and Bridges are the prosthetics that are fixed onto your original teeth to give you a natural looking smile . It is a perfect solution to missing or damaged teeth. A crown is used when the tooth structure is Damaged, Fractured or Root canal treated . A bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing.

Types of Crowns

  • Extremely durable and are much stronger than porcelain crowns.
  • Highly translucent so resemble like natural tooth.
  • Do not have a metal base.
  • Requires less drilling of the original tooth to fix it as compared with other types of crowns.
  • Doesn’t stain.
  • Are Biocompatible (they are safe to stay in the mouth a long time).
  • Resist hot and cold temperatures well. Thus, they reduce the frequency of hypersensitivity associated with other types of crowns.
  • Metal fused to ceramic crowns are dental prosthetics used for more than 5 decades.
  • It is still one of the best materials for crowns and bridges Fabrication because of its strength, aesthetic appearance, biocompatibility and fabrication.
  • This are biocompatible, with extremely firm metal alloy in its foundation, to which the tooth colored ceramic is added on top and shaped to completely imitate the natural tooth.
  • These are non-translucent which is considered to be a certain aesthetic disadvantage. However, with the correct and precise application of metal fused to ceramic crowns, high-quality aesthetic results can still be achieved.
  • The crown can be prone to chipping or a fracture due to structural weakness.
  • There is an aesthetic issue with metal fused to ceramic crowns. What tends to happen is that the metal base begins to appear around the gum line or darkens the porcelain crown over a period of time . This is more likely to occur in people who have receding gums but it is something to bear in mind when choosing a crown.
  • There are people who dislike this obvious grey line around the edge of the crown and choose a zirconia crown instead.

A Full metal dental crown requires minimal tooth preparation for its fitting. Since these crowns are made of metals, they can withstand chewing and biting forces well and last for over a very long period. They hardly break or chip off. The key drawback of metal crowns is they are not Aesthetic because of their Metallic Color. They are best suited for restoring teeth for patients with habbits such as Betel Nut or Gutkha chewing or can be made on molars teeth as they have less visibility.

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