Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Treatment

Smile Design is truly a work of art. The term Smile Design applies to the enhancement of a smile using a combination of methods, and a collaboration of the Dentist, Patient, and Lab to create your desired look. A patient’s eye, lip line, coloring, gum tissue contouring and face are all considered when when a new smile is designed for you.
You can consult our expert and discuss about the aspects of your smile you want to improve to get the look you have dreamed. Treatment begins with thoroughly examining your teeth ,gums and other aspects of your smile . we then decide onto the best and the most cost effective way to deliver you what you want. whatever solutions we decide upon, you will always remain in complete control of the process – after all its your smile .
After the initial discussion and finalising the treatment in certain cases a wax model is created, which allows you and the doctor to see what your teeth would look like, before making any alterations to your actual teeth. Once the wax model style is approved, your smile design treatment will be completed.


Dental veneers (sometimes called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates) are thin, custom-made prosthesis/ shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length.
Sometimes an overbearing gum line can cause the teeth to look too short or stubby, and it can also make you more susceptible to developing gum disease. Crown lengthening is a minor surgical procedure of periodontal tissues to increase the length of crown (part of the teeth above gums which is visible in mouth) to improve smile and helps clean gums and teeth efficiently. This procedure is also occasionally performed before crown/cap fabrication to improving Retention of crowns /caps.
The gums are a component of your smile. And if they’re dark or splotchy, you may feel shy about them. Even if you have shiny, straight, white teeth, gum discoloration can make you reluctant to smile .Darker gums are result of excessive melanin production in body . Gingival Depigmentation is a minor surgical procedure which removes the superficial layer of gums to restore its normal color and give u a pleasing smile.
This is a conservative procedure in which length and /or width of teeth are altered slightly without causing any harm to original teeth . Sometimes Recontouring of teeth slightly will do wonders to improve your smile to achieve good aesthetics .
Fractured teeth can be restored with Composite build ups either directly or indirectly to restore the teeth. This procedure not only improves the aesthetics but also improves the function of teeth .
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