Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)

Teeth Cleaning Treatment

Dental Scaling is a routinely performed dental procedure to make sure no plaque or deposits is present on the teeth and gums.
Benefits of Teeth Scaling :

A professional tooth cleaning procedure is one of the most effective ways to maintain healthy teeth and gum. Some of the most remarkable benefits of teeth scaling are:

  • Relish a brighter and shinier tooth - Teeth appear yellowish due to the presence of Stains and Calculus . In scaling or teeth cleaning procedure, the Calculus layer & Stains are usually removed from the teeth and then finally polished to give it a radiant appearance.
  • Enhanced gum health - The calculus layer leads to infection of gums which is removed in scaling procedure .So, the benefits of teeth scaling is that it keeps the gums healthy and also prevents the gum from severe gum diseases.
  • Freshness in breath - If you bad breath or Halitosis , then you must mandatorily undergo a teeth scaling procedure. Because in this process, your teeth and gum are all cleaned thoroughly. So you can achieve a fresh breath, which is, of course, one of the best benefits of teeth scaling.
Prevention is better than cure - Often, certain gum diseases are associated with severe health conditions like Diabetes, Heart Diseases, some Dementia, and even Specific Cancers. Therefore, professional scaling and cleaning will effortlessly reduce the risk of having a severe health issue. It is also done to remove stains from the teeth
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